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Our mission

We have an extensive background in metalworking in various machine building areas as diverse as:

  • aircraft building
  • power generation
  • naval and commercial shipbuilding

We have worked the ladder from workshop operators up to executive positions. And we couldn’t help noticing that preparing metalwork for anti-corrosion treatment remains an arduous task throughout industries and decades. The basic range of widely applied techniques has been limited to a regular choice of three:

  • shot blasting and sandblasting
  • mechanical cleaning
  • chemical cleaning

Each of these cleaning techniques has its flaws and limitations:

Mechanical cleaning

  • is labor-intensive and time-consuming
  • takes toll on workers’ health

Chemical cleaning

  • has major effects on ecology
  • weakens metal surfaces
  • endangers operator’s health

Shot blasting and sandblasting

  • have major effects on ecology
  • require significant amount of prep and follow-up cleaning work
  • are of limited use in confined spaces
  • effect humane health, cause silicosis
  • eat away metal surfaces

Once we’ve realized there’s a potentially huge area of improvement in surface preparation, where traditional cleaning techniques are burdened with complex issues, we set a goal of creating a new prep product free of these drawbacks that would be simple, safe and easy to use. We have partnered with chemists from the leading laboratories of Russia to merge our workshop experience with the wealth of Soviet scientific heritage.

The product that was born out of this cooperation is uniquely simple, safe and affordable. It easily beats available traditional techniques in every department.