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KEBO Plus TK-30 (gel-textured)

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Competitive edge of this product:
  • does not interact with the surface layer of metal, does not eat it away;
  • cheaper than regular cleaning methods;
  • easy to use;
  • high performance;
  • single-stage cleaning (for each layer of paint);
  • fully removes paint and varnish;
  • just flush into industrial sewage after solids are filtered.
Product features

Dichloromethane, formic acid, tetraethylene glycol, ethoxylated alkylphenols, oleic acid, paraffin, thickeners (starch, AEROSIL® fumed silica, hydroxyethylcellulose, ethoxylated fatty alcohols and fatty amines), water.


Wipe dust and dirt before applying. Spray or apply by brush or roller at 5C…40C. Can be used on wet surfaces.


When applied indoors, ventilate the room properly during and after use. Use protective clothing.


Store indoors in tightly sealed containers at -30C… +50C. Retains properties when thawed and stirred. Allow for residue. Non-flammable.